1. Nuez de la India 2 packs= 24 seeds

Nuez de la India 2 packs= 24 seeds

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Nuez de la India, also known as Indian walnut is the most powerful and natural weight loss product in addition it has remarkable benefits such as controls your cravings and hunger pangs and cleanses your system. Many weight loss products use chemicals to literally strip that fat from your body this product derived from the seeds of a tree works naturally to provide multiple benefits, not just weight reduction./// Nuez de la India es la mejor alternativa natural para la perdida de peso. Es una semilla natural que ayuda a la reducción de peso y obesidad a través de la eliminación de la grasa de tu cuerpo, controla el estreñimiento, el ansia de comer, de fumar, disminuye la celulitis y el colesterol.